Matis listens to women and men and answers their needs. This is why the brand created 8 product lines for the face. Each treatment line provides an effective and perfectly targeted response that is adapted to each woman, at every age and for each specific need.

Reponse Jeunesse - Anti-Ageing Prevention

A preventive anti–aging line that helps preserve and prolong the skins youth potential. For all women who wish to slow the damages caused by the passing of time.

Reponse Corrective – Correction of Expression Lines

A range of products that correct expression lines and signs of ageing, for all women in search of a cosmetic response that treats expression lines for visible results. Response Corrective acts on 3 levels, with high performance, innovative active ingredients: relaxation of the muscles involved in the appearance of wrinkles filling of wrinkle creases restructuring the skin.

Reponse Temps - Anti-Ageing

A complete, targeted, high performance line that meets the specific needs of mature skin. For all women in search of an adapted response to treat the effects of ageing, the loss of elasticity, skins that have become dry and sensitive.

Reponse Delicate - Sensitivity

A specific line of moisturising* and nourishing skincare products for all sensitised or reactive skin, for women who want to soothe and care for their delicate skin. * the superficial layers of the epidermis

Reponse Purete - Oil Control

An innovative skincare line for combination and oily skin, for all women and men who wish to restore healthiness to their skin and correct small imperfections.

Reponse Blanche - Light complexion

A line designed to brighten the complexion and infuse it with luminosity, for all women and men who wish to lighten unwanted dark spots and brighten their complexion.

Reponse Vitalite - Vitality

Dedicated to tired skin lacking radiance and in need of regeneration, for all women and men who lead busy lives and whose skin is subjected daily to stress, pollution, climatic variations and the stress of everyday life.

Reponse Yeux - Eyes Beauty

A complete line designed to care for the eye area by visibly reducing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, for all women and men who want to wipe away signs of fatigue or ageing, which are often visible around the eyes, and restore a sparkle to their eyes.